Quilting Pinnacle

Funny thing about fabric – when you buy a bunch of it it’s really heavy.  And when you buy the cheap flights to Bali that only allow 10kg of luggage (for all my non-metric system friends that 22lbs) it’s very hard to conceal 40 meters of fabric in your handbag.  Much to Rob’s dismay that’s what I did.  I figured I should make something out of the fabric and it turned out to be a quilt for his mother.  I didn’t quite realize how much 40 meters is because after making a full size quilt I used only 2 meters of fabric.  In typical fashion I decided to do a photo-shoot of said quilt.  I headed two hours North of Perth to the Pinnacles and ignored all signs to stay off of the formations and draped the quilt over everything.  The rest of the time I tried to take flight in the wind but never made it off the ground.


One thought on “Quilting Pinnacle

  1. It is sooooo pretty, can’t wait for you guys to come home so I can get it , Plus I want to see you guys to .

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