If you’ve seen me weeping at any point in the last month or so don’t worry, nothing’s wrong, it’s just my eyeball.  I noticed the problem when we went out to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I’ve had the occasional eye irritation from time to time to so I figured it would go away.  But it didn’t … for a month.  I finally called the optometrist on Friday and made and appointment, and of course Saturday my eye cleared up.  I kept my appointment just in case and went in today … he wasn’t amused …

Optometrist: So, this has been hurting for a month?

Me: Yes.  It’s been really, really painful but thought it would go away but decided a month was my limit.

Opto:  You do realise 3 or 4 days should’ve been your limit right?

Me:  Well, I had started looking for children’s pirate costumes so I could use the eye patch and figured that would make me feel better.

Opto: Really? You decided that was a better option than making an appointment?

Me:  I think it would’ve helped, no?

Opto: What was your plan for the rest of the costume?

Me: Hmmm, I didn’t really think that far … I could’ve worn the hat.

Opto *head shaking*

I think Rob still wants me to search for a pirate costume though – he must be really concerned about my eye.


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