Nifty Swift(y)

I have a new bff, her name’s Taylor Swift.  I know this will come as news to my previous bff Kristin but in my defence Taylor did come to Perth first.  Rob drew the short straw got the opportunity to take my mom and I to see Taylor Swift on Friday night! (his version of this didn’t have an exclamation point).  It had been a while since I had been to a concert as my plans of seeing either Dolly Parton or Rod Stewart were quickly thwarted.  So off we went to Burswood for a night of what I’d like to rename “The Great Taylor Swift Sing-A-Long of 2012”.  I was a bit confused to see so many kids at the casino but then I realised that the perfect mother – daughter date of the century.  Surprisingly though many of these mothers thought it would be a good idea to wear their daughter’s dresses …

Before the concert started I made sure to buy my official concert tee shirt (but stayed away from the available tour blanket).  Given my amazing taste in clothing the shirt I happened to pick out was a “youth” shirt – so my aqua & red tee matched the rest of my 10 year old friends (Rob was once again very proud to be seen with me at this moment).

The concert was a really great experience for Rob to see how my version of singing along completely disregards any and all need to know the words (or notes) to the song.  But my words came out loud and smiley.  I also saw the amazing future of the air traffic controller union as all 10,000 little girls waved their glow sticks proudly.


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