The Highly Anticipated … *drum roll*

Our 2011 “us” book has arrived!!!

Here’s the fancy background.  Let’s just say that I’m a recovered scrapbooker.  I used to spend lot’s of dinero on pretty pretty papers, embellishments, ribbons, paper punches, stamps, and things hidden in every nook and cranny of scrapbook stores.  I’d spend afternoons and evenings with other ladies as we archived memories whilst caring for paper cuts.  It was really time consumer, and took up lots of space, and there had to be an easier way … no???

Here was my solution.  I’ve made various iPhoto and Shutterfly books for holidays and other events but realised I could use this to even bigger benefit.  Throughout 2011, every time we had an “event” (by the way my definition of event is any that warrants photo taking – which is a very loose definition of event) I would create a few pages in the iPhoto book.  In addition I copied all of my blog entries and put them in the book.  I didn’t want future generations of me, er, I mean us, to miss out on my blog entries that might someday disappear.  I’d like to think when we’re dead and gone that were pretty cool cats (not just grey hairs who enjoy jell-o and Hall & Oates).  At the beginning of 2012 I did a last look through to make sure our awesomeness was properly documented and then clicked order.  We now have the most fantastical photo book of the last year, which is also our first year of marital bliss and I can’t wait to make everyone who comes over to look through it in painstaking detail.


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