Sailing a-no-go (and stuff we really did too)

Remember that awesome update I had about our sailing trip that was to happen this week?  The one you all have been waiting with bated breath for an update on?  Well, funny story … as the boat was traveling down to Fremantle there was a bit of a mishap and the mast came a crashing down on the cockpit, deck, and shattering all plans for Geographe Bay (as well as the owners wallet).  Never fear though, all hope of a good time was not lost, Rob and I still meandered over to the Windsor and drowned our sorrows the best way we know how – food.  I then put our recent purchase of PFDs to good used and walked dangerously close to our pools edge all afternoon.

This may be where you wonder what we’ve still been doing to keep ourselves entertained.  Well I’m glad you asked.  Luckily the Perth International Arts Festival is going on and we thought we’d class ourselves up a bit and partake of said artistry.  We went to the Place des Anges show in which performers traversed on cables attached to the top of buildings in the Perth CBD whilst dropping 2 tonnes of feathers on the crowd below.  It was surprisingly fun and delightful watching the excitement of everyone as the feathers were like a snowfall (I didn’t have the heart to tell the Perth-ites that this was nothing like snow).  I’m glad I wasn’t on the clean up crew.

We also had another great sunset during our weekly Twilight sail.  Let’s just say my fellow sailing crew members are quite pleased every week when I completely ignore my duties and grab my camera and start taking pictures


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