Important days abound next week, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary … okay, I guess that’s just two, however we’ve added another one to the lot.  Rob signed us up to help a mate sail his boat down to Geographe Bay  for race week.  See, there are many a competent sailor who will be racing that week however there is a need to get the boat physically there first (logistics, shmagistics *pfft*).

The plan of attack is to sleep on the boat the night before and then get up and leave at 4:00 am.  I’m hoping that they don’t need all of us to help first thing and they can wake me up at a more reasonable hour when they’re ready for someone to stand there and give dry/ sarcastic commentary.  It’ll take us the entire day to sail down there (assuming there is wind and in a favourable direction – but of course now that I’ve written that it’s bound to not happen).

Due to this new adventure Rob and I now have matching Valentine’s Day/ Anniversary PFDs (personal flotation devices).  I figured I would attempt to ward off any sailing mishaps by wearing them.  I’ve already prepared for historic sailing hazards such fending off scurvy or dispelling mutiny.  I’ve even packed a Wilson volleyball after watching Cast Away and realised if we crash I might need a friend.  Here’s to hoping we don’t have to put them to use!


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