(Un) Committed

I have issues.  That was vague.  The issue we’ll discuss today is how I commit to everything possible in a single bound.  Sometimes to the point of overwhelmingness.  I have the ability to say no, it’s just that I don’t want to miss out on anything fun.  It’s kind of like when you’re little and accidentally go to sleep early before all of the big kids and find out that you missed the Taco Bell run, or the last minute late night bowling outing.

I’ve learned all of the tricks of prioritizing or steps to success (come on, who hasn’t had to take a Franklin Covey or Gallup organization course).  I know all of the steps and had the giant binder calendar as shown here:

I’ve since realized that the lessons from Highly Effective Habited people can be replaced with lessons from Hoarders.  If you don’t have room, you can’t have it.  I take this very literally.  I bought a new planner.  A small one.  Frankly, the old binders are so big it’s no wonder people overcommit.  A calendar should neither have room (nor suggest) for you to prioritize 60 items.  My new diary is small and fits in my handbag.  My new rule of thumb is:

If it doesn’t fit in my diary, I doesn’t do it

Ok, I’m still working out the grammar on that one …


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