FINE! … you were right …

We go through a lot of glasses.  Many, many glasses.  To the point that it’s difficult to decipher who’s is whose and when it was used.  (Okay grammar police, I’m sure the previous who’s and whose are incorrect but I’m tired and when I tried to google the correct uses I ended up getting sidetracked on Pinterest).  So here was Rob’s suggestion:

Rob: Whose glass is this?  Or this?  We need to get some sort of magnets so we know.

Me: *pfft* oh yeah, because we’ve all heard of “glass magnets” (yes, I really used air quotes there).

Enter New Years Eve Day …

We had a wonderful lunch at Sandalford Winery and then began to peruse the gift shop.  Yes, I know this is confusing to some as we don’t drink alcohol, however I have quite an affinity for cheese and wineries tend to have quite the fun cheese accessory selection … but I digress … anyways, Rob came beaming around the corner proudly showing me what he found.  In deed, they were “glass magnets”.  Suction cup glass identifiers to be exact. But he was right, I admit it.


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