Happy Christmas From Us!

I’m sure everyone that’s kept abreast of NORAD is aware the Santa in deed successfully visited Australia.  I have to say I find it quite nice to be on the early end of his route.  This year has been filled with many “firsts” thanks to the move and Christmas was not spared from this.  Instead of trying to force wintery Christmas traditions into what is now a summer holiday we just decided to pick new ones … and wanna know why we can do that?  Because we’re adults and we can do whatever we please.  Other things we can do because we’re adults include eating carrot cake for breakfast (like I did this morning and continued to consume all day instead of a proper meal) and opening our presents a week early (and we did – except from our mothers because we do what they tell us).  So here’s what we did … and hopefully we do it next year, that way it’s officially a tradition …

  • Joined some mates (I figured I should speak Australian in lieu of all the aforementioned changes) for twilight sailing at the yacht club.  Complete with post sailing BBQ and dancing on the front lawn.
  • End-of-work-week-pre-holiday celebration at Galileo Buona Cucina.  Four hours of the most fantastic Italian food in Perth.
  • Chinese Christmas Eve dinner at The Grand Palace.  It was fantastical!! (specifically the wasabi prawns).  I think I need to invent new reasons to keep going back.
  • Celebrated with crackers.  There’s something about a crown, joke, and a present that makes a holiday.  I think I got the short end of the stick as my gift was none other than a shoe horn.
  • Fired up the BBQ for an easy Christmas day dinner complete with me burning tomatoes to the point that the smoke detector chirped a lovely holiday tune.
Book Review: My FINAL Books for 2011 NY Resolution! 
  • John Grisham’s the Litigators – safe, predictable John Grisham minus any Southern law school references. Typical trial mayhem and lawyer antics. Was in need of a quick, easy, light read and this did it.
  • Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger – Due to timing I audiobooked this one. Let’s just say the person reading it is the Nicholas Cage of audiobooks … I might’ve given it a higher rating otherwise but at the most 3 stars. A decent mystery at best.


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