I’m Sailing Away

The funtastic thing about living in Perth is that I have had funderful opportunities to experience things I wouldn’t have normally.  I think it’s a fair trade off for the lack of Taco Bell.

Rob and I have taken up sailing (read: Rob knows how to sail and I know how to buy and wear a lot of nautically themed outfits).  Because of this new hobby I sort of fell into the “right place at the right time” scenarios and ended up on the Swiss Timing team for the Perth 2011 Sailing World Championships.  What that means is I’m spending just about every waking minute of an entire fortnight (I’m not telling you what a fortnight is  – you can wikipedia it just like I did) on boats, in the water, witnessing the best of the best as they aim for gold and the opportunity to sail in the Olympics.  It is so. much. fun … (except for the first day because I forgot to take my motion sick meds and spent the day vomiting).

In just the first week alone we had:

  • thunderstorms
  • shark sightings
  • dolphin sightings
  • sinking boats
  • no wind
  • lots of wind
  • and even a sailor altercation with the media (which you can read about here and see pictures of here!)

I can’t think of a better Christmas present than having this much fun (Rob – don’t take that literally).


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