How My Dining Room Chair Spent Its Thanksgiving Vacation

It’s that holiday time of year … but I have to say it’s hard for me to get in the spirit.  Sure I’m glad that it’s summer but it’s just weird to see tinsel, wreaths, and hear “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” while shopping for bathers (that’s Australian for swimsuit).  Thanksgiving week I was miserably melting was slightly hot and after spending an evening baking some pecan pie and pumpkin cheesecake I was quite thankful that I didn’t have to heat up my kitchen with an entire Thanksgiving dinner.  Instead we did what any sane people would do and went to the American Women’s Club dinner at the Swan Yacht Club.  The chef did a great job (as he was handed a few tried and true recipes to utilise) and they had turkey legs that rivalled any Renaissance Festival.

Once we had time to get over our two-day tryptophan + heat induced napping it was time to get creative.  You see, when I came back from the states I brought some fabric to make our first Christmas quilt.  I loved it because the colours felt beach-y, summer-y, and Christmas-y all at the same time.  I went gang busters on the thing and managed to completely ignore Rob  get it done in less than two months!  That way we can enjoy it for the entirety of the official Christmas time period.  (Yes, it has been pointed out to me that I made a quilt for summer … but I swear it will be used even if I have to turn the aircon down to arctic levels).

Well, I couldn’t do all of that work and not take photos right?  This was partially done because I ooh and ah over everyone’s photos of children that I thought people should be forced to look at things I create too.  Here’s where the dining room chair comes into place …

Rob: What are we doing today?

Me: Oh, oh, oh! I think we shall take photos of our new Christmas quilt!

Rob: Huh?


Rob: Seriously?  Well, okay, let’s go …

Me: Grab the dining room chair!

The conversation continued in the elevator as a neighbour got on …

Neighbour: What are you doing?

Me: I’m taking my quilt out to the beach for a photo shoot!

Neighbour: Oh, that’s very creative and artistic.

Me: *nudges rob* See, I told you it was artistic!

We then went to the beach and took the photos. (I’m not sure which one, just a not crowded one that apparently allows dogs since some joined for a bit).  Rob was willing to even take a “few” of me running into the water with the quilt.

And that’s how our dining room chair spent its Thanksgiving vacation.  (I omitted the part where I hit a curb).


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