FWQB Weeks 6 & 7 and Moneyball

A friend threatened that if I keep only blogging about quilting that they will stop reading my blog.  Not that I totally believe “Tacey Ands”  will follow through with said threat but still, I’ll make sure to include additional information when writing up my weekly Farmer Wife Quilting Bee posts as to not completely lose her attention …

Moneyball.  (Almost) Every Tuesday some friends and I go to a morning movie.  The reason is two-fold 1) Because what else would we do on a Tuesday morning and 2) It’s “cheap” movie day.  To all yankees reading this that means only $10/ ticket instead of $18 (ridiculous right?!).  Usually we see movies that Rob won’t see with me so he definitely supports this outing.  This week was Moneyball which was a very special treat to me … once again reasons are two-fold 1) I heart baseball and 2) Brad Pitt (*sigh*).  I have to say it was one of my more favourite movies of the year (above Kristen Stewart and her constant grimace face in Twilight).

(I hope that was enough to keep Stacey, oops I mean “Tacey” entertained) …

Here are my week 6 and week 7 blocks for the Farmer’s Wife Quilting Bee.  I’ve got to be honest, it’s been a fun project and Rob even watches me create the blocks (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have his favourite shows that we don’t get on TV here  playing on Hulu in the background – and serve him dessert).


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