Bali – you had me (and Flat Stanley) at Hai

We’re back from our holiday in Bali(day) and now you get the recap.  We had a very special guest with us on the trip – one Mr. Flat Stanley hailing from Kirksville Missouri USA.  He had a great time although he recommends being laminated next time. (And for the record he had more fun in Bali with us than he did in St. George Utah with my mom).

  • Stayed at Mick’s Place on the Bukit Peninsula at Bingin Beach.  No TV, no cell phones, no kids allowed.  Loved everything about the place – including the treehouse in which we called home.  (Luckily there were no middle of the night falling down the ladder episodes I had imagined)
  • Visited the Rock Bar for dinner.  Had to take a tram down the side of the cliff to sit on large sofas right over the water.  It was oh-so-swanky – and they let us in.
  • Bali Treetop Adventure at the botanical gardens – ropes courses with giant rope swings, nets to cling on to and zippy zip lines.  For the record, you may end up with a few bruises if you foot is attached to something other than the rope you are swinging on …
  • ROB’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! The big 4-0! We celebrated by buying me a new handbag.
  • Ate Babi Guling – the delicacy of the roasted suckling pig.  It did not disappoint!
  • Scuba diving at the USAT Liberty shipwreck site.  I assumed that the pictoral flip board of diving “stuff’ counted as the professional instruction we were going to receive before the two dives – I was correct.
  • Bali Safari and Marine Parks.  Who doesn’t love a day that includes holding orangutangs, feeding and riding elephants, and riding camels.
  • Cycled down Kintamini through villages and lots of kids asking for candy.  I was as disappointed as the kids – I wouldn’t have minded a lolly or two myself!
  • “Accidentally” happened upon batik fabric shops (ok, it might’ve been a 30 minute cab ride to the center of Denpasar but who’s counting) and picked up a paltry 40 meters.
  • Swam with sharks. Yep, you heard that right. After swimming in the safe cage the American who ran the dodgy operation let us know that “you can actually just get in with the sharks if you want. They won’t eat you”.  So we did.
  • Spa afternoon.  You can’t say no to $8 massages and $10 mani/pedi


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