Baliday Preview

We went on a trip – and soon you’ll get the rundown of the fun activities and pictures.  I can’t think of a better way to spend your blog perusing than this.

First I just wanted to mention (again) that I LOVE any blog post let alone vacation in which I can include a musical reference.  I spent a lot of time singing songs from South Pacific … and doctoring Madonna’s “Holiday” to fit my “Baliday”.  Unfortunately youtube only had songs from South Pacific although I’m sure you can picture me belting out the latter of the two.  So as I spend the next few days writing up beautiful prose of our trip and photoshopping the pictures so we look thinner after eating 8700 banana fritters please take the time to enjoy a few songs …

Ok – so this one is awesome because it’s the 2001 TV remake and Glenn Close plays Nelly Forbush.  It’s about as pleasant as Pierce Brosnan singing SOS in Mama Mia.


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