How We Spent Our CHOGM Vacation

This past weekend was CHOGM.  (Which for all enquiring minds that would be the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.  They meet and make changes to really important things like the Royal succession planning).  Well this year Perth was the lucky host of this shin-dig … which meant we got a three day weekend!  And more importantly now YOU get to read about it!

  • After the recent shark attacks I figured we should hit up the aquarium to get a closer view of the dangerous animal at the Aquarium
  • Afterwords we dined on the lovely creatures we communed with and had some fish ‘n chips.
  • We went to a very exclusive BBQ for the queen (with about 100,000 of our nearest and dearest).  We got to watch the Queen drive by and I realised that I could never be Queen – I get incredibly motion sick (anyone who has ever been on a plane, boat, roller coaster, or elevator with me can attest to this).  My life would be miserable if it consisted of a series of slow moving motorcades.  If given the opportunity I would have to abdicate the crown due to this reason, and this reason alone.
  • Post BBQ we realised we should’ve put on sunscreen and we (Rob) was sunburnt
  • Made an appearance at “Trunk or Treat” … which had to be renamed to “Boot or Treat” since the cars here have boots, not trunks.
  • We ate pizza.

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