FWQB Week 3!

Here it is – as promised – my week three blocks of the Farmer Wife Quilting Bee.  Yes, I realise the points on block 5 are not centered (I’m sure you’re all gawking at it now) and it annoys me too.  It’s time like these when I turn to the wisdom of Rob  who says “that way it just looks like you made it”.  Let’s just say that given my skill level this entire quilt will definitely look like I made it.  😀

I have some earth shatteringly awesome news! (I can’t believe I didn’t lead in with this!).  Rob and I have been married for 8 1/2 months and Facebook finally allowed me to change my last name on my profile!  I know that at the DMV and the Social Security Administration and the Courthouse let me change it in no less than 5 minutes but all it took was additional emailing and providing FB with a photo of a government issue ID to make it happen!  I can totally understand why they were a bit skeptical of my new last name, I mean Osborn is a bit tame compared to some that I’ve seen used on facebook (man oh man I couldn’t make these up if I tried)

  • theunfinishedproduct
  • BornAgain
  • PurpleLady
  • Ms’Sunshine
  • AkaSir
  • Luvv’nLife
  • KountinBlessings
  • CallMeYum
  • Kristin (ok, this is a normal name but I like to include my bff Kristin in my blog when possible since she’s oh-so-far away from me)
  • SuperStarr
  • Hotterdenastreetlite
  • MightyyMouse

Book Review: The Destiny of the Republic.  The sophomore novel of Candice Millard met my high expectations after consuming her novel River of Doubt.  Instead of telling just the story of President Garfield’s assassination it breathes new life into him as an individual, illustrates the important impacts of his Presidency, and reminds of the ignorance and arrogance of many in power at that time.  Loved it.


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