Take Me Out to the (Australian) Baseball Game

In honour of this festive time of year (read: World Series) I attended my very first Australian baseball game.  I was quite excited since baseball is one of my favourite pastimes and frankly is significantly better being able to watch it in person than on TV.  Just like anything else I’ve encountered here I highly anticipated the Aussie baseball experience – and let’s just say that it did not disappoint.

Obnoxious background tangent: I would first like to preface this with a little theory on living internationally that echoes the observation that my dear friend “Rin” points out as she currently resides is Taiwan.  Here  she discusses how it’s never quite … right.  You come so so so so close to finding something that will make you feel at home but then it’s just off a bit …

And now back to the story at hand … 

… It was American night at the “Alcohol Think Again Perth Heat” vs. USA Allstars game  … whoa, hold up, did I get that name right?  Yes, the sponsor of the Perth Heat is Alcoholthinkagain.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro any message of alcohol awareness/ safety etc … but what I’m anti is ridiculously long names.  Ok, anti is a strong word – it just makes me laugh a lot.  Let’s face it, when you’re a sponsor it means your name is mentioned eleventy billion times and Alcoholthinkagain is a long phrase to swallow (especially as an announcer) when you have to use it every time you say the Perth Heat (which is every inning change, every time a new batter goes up etc) …

To save you from a play by play of the entire event I’ll provide more a highlights review via my trusty bullet points:

  • My friend “Onnie”  was invited to throw out the first pitch.  She represented well by differentiating herself from many a first pitcher by solidly hitting the catchers mitt instead of letting it roll in the dirt halfway from the mound.  Bravo!
  • Rob was impressed by the parking attendants and ticket takers who were nicely dressed in short black skirts and high heels … they later became our coordinationally challenged “cheerleaders” once they swapped their skirts and heels for short black shorts and trainers.  It was interesting as I’ve never seen cheerleaders at a baseball game before.
  • I was quite excited for the 7th inning stretch!  It came and we all (meaning the 6 Americans in my row) stood and sang along horridly loudly beautifully pitched.  As we did so I looked around and realised we were the only ones who participated in this tradition.  I think they observers benefitted greatly from our performance … that’s what I tell myself …
  • Towards the end of the game I witnessed the BEST IDEA EVER.  They announced that all of the children could get orange trash bags from the cheerleaders and for every full bag of trash they brought in the child would be rewarded with a free pack of baseball cards.  I have never seen a stadium get cleaned so fast in my life.  The kids executed this quest with more fervor and dedication than any easter egg hunt or trick or treating to date.  If you didn’t hold tightly to the soda you were drinking it would’ve made it into that bag.  Now if only I could convince Rob that a similar reward system would make me more effective in cleaning our abode … but with fabric, or books, or handbags, or jewelry instead of baseball cards …
All in all it was a really fun time (even with my facetious anecdotes).  The stadium is fun-sized with plenty of things for families and kids (including mid-inning activities and a bounce house!) … who knows, maybe Rob will reward my cleaning with season tickets!

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