FWQB Week 2 & Paul Simon

I have a tendency to have really weird dreams.  Either totally bizarro or there are no dreams at all.  If I’ve been preoccupied with something my dreams tend to blend into that arena.  So it didn’t come as a surprised when last nights dream involved quilting.  In said dream I absolutely begged Rob to take me to a Paul Simon concert (not sure why as after a thorough Google search this morning it turns out he’s not in Perth) but he wouldn’t.  Then Mr. Simon’s people got in touch with my people (ok, by my people I mean me) because he wanted to set up some time for us to quilt together.  In the dream the quilting event had not occurred by the time I awoke but I can only imagine that it would’ve involved the two of us singing Me and Julio Down in the Schoolyard … because its practically the best song ever.

It is in honour of Paul that I share with you my progress of the 2012 New Years Resolution … blocks 3 & 4 …

And here’s what I have so far (I know, four whole blocks … I swear it won’t look this paltry in a few weeks)

And for your musical enjoyment here’s Me and Julio in one of my favourite movies (Royal Tennenbaums)

Book Review: The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared. I really wanted to like this more than I did.  It had every component that I typically enjoy (parent/ child good relationship – love of reading – dysfunctional family) and even the stories were interesting and entertaining at times and she is a good writer. But I found it depressing. I’m not opposed to books on the sad side (obviously) but I don’t think it was intended to be as sad as I found it but many of the life situations I found myself cringing for her or her family.


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