Oh Omaha

First things first – here are the words to the Omaha Song … no, not the counting crows one …

Omaha Song (You can hear it here)

O-MA-HA, O-MA-HA, Finest place you ever saw,
come a-long, join the throng cause you simply can’t go wrong.

I’ll say it’s great in O-MA-HA, O-MA-HA, boost your home town all day long,
and at night when you are sleeping dream of O-MA-HA

Today while performing my docenting duties at the zoo I ran into a gaggle of children (well technically it was more like 100000 gaggles of children since the schools are on holiday).  In this specific gaggle I struck up conversation with their adult chaperone (because it’s easier to sit there and chat then to actually watch the kids).  We deducted from our respective accents that she was German and I was American.  She had just been in the US this summer for a few months as her boyfriend is American.  Now, when people ask where I moved from I usually answer with “Kansas City” because:

  1. I haven’t lived in Omaha for 14 years
  2. People barely have a clue where KC is let alone Omaha or Nebraska
  3. Technically I moved from Kansas City
In asking her about her trip I learned that she actually attended the College World Series in Omaha this year!  (Which we all know is my favourite event of all time!).  I couldn’t believe it, out of every single person I have ever come across someone has FINALLY not only heard Omaha but had actually visited it!  I was so excited.  So in honour of this rare exception I have provided pictures of my trip back to homaha in September.  Well, specifically of the Half Marathon that me, my father, and “Arolyn” ran on September 25th.  Luckily for “Arolyn” I had the camera with me because she got in A LOT of pictures.
Ok – and here’s the Counting Crows Omaha …

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