Farmer’s Wife Quilting Bee

I have decided to start my 2012 New Years Resolution a bit early.  It is the ultimate task of moderation and patience.  I am going to attempt the Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt.  Many a fine blogger have already done this (or are in the process of it) here, and here, and here …  It is based off the Farmer’s Wife Sample Quilt book .  The goal is to work on two blocks per week and in a year you’ll have completed all of them.  Not wanting to attempt this task solo I convinced some lucky folks that this is a super fun idea and they should do it to – and they are!  (This kind of reminds me of when I made my friends train for the Kansas City marathon – except this round will most likely sweat less).

I am excited about this project however I am a bit nervous on my ability to execute anything in moderation (anyone who has seen me eat peanut m&ms or chips and dips can back me up).  My natural tendency will be complete all of the blocks as fast as I can even if it means staying up 24 hours a day.  I will just have to keep reminding myself that it is not meant to be finished for another year and just take my time and enjoy it and not get distracted by other shiny objects.  Thanks the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop  (and some blog stalking of Simplify)  I picked up the most adorable of fabrics to get me through this challenge.  And don’t worry, I’ll update you in painstaking detail.


Book Review:  Sarah’s Key – Heartwrenching. Although it was not planned this way I read this after In The Garden of the Beasts which I felt made it even more poignant.  The Night Circus – Enchanting. Mesmerising. (and especially welcomed into my brain after reading back to back Hitler/ WWII books). Recommended.


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