I have not disappeared … I swear

Holla’ folks.  I just wanted to check-in and mention that I’m still alive and that I’m not ignoring my blogging “duties”.  We’ve been back in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and haven’t made the time to write.  This is partially because the first 5 days were spent in a jet-lagged/ time difference/ allergy assault on my body and I could only be seen wandering in and out of the Bagel Bin in a state of delirium.  I was however well fed.  In the meantime:

  • my family celebrated Thanksgiving (we attempted all of the other holidays that I’ll be absent for but we couldn’t figure out a good Christmas Carol that ended in “Trick or Treat”)
  • visited many quilting shops (yes, I’m 700 years old and a pioneer – I have never hid this fact ever on my blog)
  • ran a 1/2 Marathon with my pops and “Arolyn” (which I’ll write an entry about at a later date as I had the foresight to bring my camera along for the fun)
  • Rob had just enough time to get over the jet lag/ time difference before jetting back to Perth (thus leaving me alone in the US with the credit card …)
  • bought more quilting fabric (because it’s 1/2 the price than in AUS)
  • played a vicious game of hide and seek with four cheating rugrats
  • went to Chuck-e-cheese with aforementioned rugrats (pictures and post of this fun event also are later to come)
  • saw a mini-van veer off the road and into the front of a tractor store (it. was. awesome)
  • went to Wal*mart (come on, it’s what you do in Kirskville)
  • has been reminded how much camo is worn in the US (when not participating in activities that actually require camo)
I still have a week left of US fun … so wish me luck!
Oh yes, due to the 30 hours of travel I have another Book Review … In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin … I’m such a history dork that I once again was enthralled by the author of Devil in the White City and his research and insight of the Dodd family and the macabre changes going on around them from 1933-1938 in Berlin. I was also reminded that criticism is always easier with the hindsight vantage.
Year of Wonders – Sad. But I guess Monty Python corners the market on comedy when it comes to the plaque. I like the story in general and the main character (Anna). I really wanted to like the ending and was able to look past the Rector’s incredibly disappointing character accrediting my strong dislike to good authoring – but the rest of the ending just seemed so out of place it was hard to end with a feeling of closure. It was almost as though the epilogue of this and another book were accidentally switched at birth … or the printing press. 

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