Equinox, Shmequinox … And other dates disregarded

September 1st we ushered in, with welcoming arms, the first official day of Spring.  I’ve spent the last few months trying to acclimate to the season changes since they are opposite of what I’m used to (and I am constantly bewildered at the amazing weather after spending 30 years in the Midwest).  To be quite honest I didn’t know it was the first day of Spring – the TV told me (like it does all useful pieces of information – like what to wear, what to eat, and which celebs are preggers).  Not that I follow equinoxes but my sister’s birthday falls on one so I’m aware. ( I think my sister got the short end of the holiday birthdays- older brother was born on Pioneer Day, younger brother was born on New Years Day, and my birthday, well, I mean, it’s me).  I was fully expecting to celebrate Spring (the way anyone celebrates – by going to a movie or something) at the end of September.  I then realised that Australia, and specifically Perth, does things a tad bit different.

  • First day of Spring is September 1st
  • Father’s day is the first Sunday in September (not the 3rd Sunday in June)
  • My August birthday is the middle of winter (ok, this one’s not really Perth’s fault … but notable)
  • Easter is a four day weekend (yes, public holiday of Good Friday through Monday – best. thing. ever.)
  • Queen’s birthday is celebrated on the 2nd Monday in June HOWEVER in Perth it is celebrated either the last Monday in September or the first Monday of October HOWEVER this year it is October 28th (I know, sounds like a choose your own adventure ‘eh?)
  • There are 10 (read it 10!) public holidays!

It has been a bit of a learning curve trying to get used to the opposite seasons of the Southern Hemisphere – and this is even before attempting to celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer (which I’ll be thinking fondly of all back home who are shivering in the snow – if it makes you feel better I’ll most likely be suffering through a sunburn).  Even though the holidays are all out of whack for this here yankee – I still love a great excuse to whine celebrate!


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