How Pinteresting!

And … I have a new obsession! *trumpets sounding*

Just like every other female in the world I have now become obsessed with Pinterest.  Pinterest is a wonderful site which acts as a virtual pin board to compile your favourite ideas.  What’s great is that you can see what everyone else is “pinning” on their boards and the “re-pin” them on yours.  You can then go access all of these fantastic ideas whenever you want to put them into actual application!  Ahhh, and there’s the issue … one (me) spends countless amounts of time perusing all of the fantabulous ideas and re-pinning them … and then never ends up using them.  (Actually, that is a small white lie –  I have recreated one thing that I’ve pinned on Pinterest … it was a hair braiding tutorial).  So you basically have a list of favourites that looks like this:

  • favourite recipes (that I haven’t baked)
  • favourite fashions (that I can’t fit in)
  • favourite DIY projects (that I haven’t DIY’d)
  • favourite home decorating ideas (that won’t work with our abode)
  • favourite books (classics I’ve pretended I’ve read)
  • favourite colour (oh, that’s just green)

Even though I haven’t done anything noteworthy with this site Rob is seemingly “excited” that I now have very thorough plans for how we are going to decorate our someday beach-bungalow -southern-colonial-East-coast-brownstone …


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