From whence we came

I can’t lie.  Before we moved down under I got a little, let’s say tired, yes tired of answering the same questions over and over and over … I considered wearing a shirt that said the following:

We are moving to Perth. No, it’s not near Sydney, it is actually the most remote major city in the world.  If Australia was the US, Perth would be San Diego in both location and climate.  No, I am not going to get bored.  No, I don’t know how long we are going to live there.

The only problem is that the tee-shirt shop charged by the letter … When we boarded our first flight I was ecstatic that I would not have to be providing those answers anymore (by the way – I’m sure you could figure out the questions based on my response – if not … well, I don’t recommend auditioning for Jeopardy because you’re, how do I say it lightly – a dum-dum).

Now that I’m here and meeting new people quite frequently – It’s become a new set of questions …

  • “Where are you from?” This is where I answer “South Perth” (the suburb in which I reside).  They then just keep staring at me not knowing how to proceed.
  • The more persistent people ask something along the line of “But your accent, where are you really from?”  To which I answer “We moved from Kansas”.  Which is followed by a blank stare from the inquisitor so I clarify with “But I’m originally from Nebraska”.  In which case the blank stare is widened.
  • For the people that have heard of Kansas they immediately respond with a  “do you have red shoes?” or “oh, like Dorothy” … or the best random response ever of “Oklahoma is my favourite musical!” … which I was tempted to break out into the ballet dream sequence …
  • If they still have the blank stare I then I just say “It’s North of Texas” and they get the general idea.
It’s not that these are weird questions to ask someone that obviously speaks with different phonetic inflections – I’m just tired of answering them all. the. time.  Or maybe the next time I get asked if I followed the yellow brick road to get here I’ll threaten crocodile dundee references right back at ’em.
Book Reviews:
Bossy Pants by Tina Fey – ohmygoshilovetinafey! I’d like to say I enjoyed reading Bossypants (or known by my hubby as “that book in which my wife sat there giggling on the couch”).
Burned by P.C. Cast – Book 7 of the house of night series got one star higher than the others as the Mother/ Daughter writing team got a little more creative and far-fetched (in a good way) of the adventures of Zoey Redbird and her fellow fledglings.
White Cat by Holly Black – What’s this? I enjoyed a YA book that had NOTHING to do with vampires – but still a bit o’ fantasy. Definite recommend for any YA fans and recommend for any fantasy or just fans of books in general
And I got this FANTASTIC present!

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