Nuts for … well, nuts …

It turns out that threatening ya’ll with an entry about my kitchen sink pumped a little life into my otherwise dull existence.

First – we received a call from friends informing us of some uber cheap flights to Bali (which includes only carry-on luggage  – which is fine since swimsuits and flip flops only take up so much space).  Rob agreed and we booked a real, bonafide vacation!  It’s not until November so there will be many future posts regarding my preparation.  Currently I’m at the stage in which I reacquaint myself with all of my bikinis and am quickly reminded which areas need to lose weight … and which areas need to gain it.  I’m hoping that between now and then some really wishful thinking will rectify that situation.

Second – some lady friends and I made a little road trip to none other than a macadamia nut farm.  There aren’t many things which delight me quite like the macadamia nut especially when they are wasabi flavoured.  I scooped up a bag and pretended to be disappointed when Rob mentioned he doesn’t like them – leaving them all to my consumption.  In theory there is a tour, but the lady working them informed us that it was in the form of a 10 minute video in the courtyard, but it was in Singaporean (I think that’s what she said) but it has good pictures.  Instead we decided to buy more chocolate covered nuts, take a quick peek at the machines inside the nut barn, and take our picture with a randomly created and placed Australian fauna mural.

P.S. > For most of my visit to the nut farm I had this scene from (one of the best movies ever) Best in Show running through my head.


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