I have a new keychain … and other equally exciting news

I spent thirty minutes today switching keychains.  I haven’t done this for a while and I forgot how un-pliable new ones are.  I had actually been looking for a new keychain for a few months – one in which single keys are easily unattached from the main portion – I hope this works out.

While typing the above I come to the realisation that things are in a bit of a lull right now.  I guess there goes my goal of only blogging about Earth shattering events (I mean obviously that’s all I write about it …).  We’re in one of those ebbs where there every time I look around I’m busy, but not really seeing the productivity.  Kind of like those times I spend $150 grocery shopping and my fridge still has nothing in it.  So here is a riveting recap off what we’ve been up to …

  • After 10 weeks of training (yes, you read that correctly, 10 weeks) I began my duty days at the zoo.  This has consisted with me field questions of restroom locations and where my accent (and I) are from.
  • Realised how bushy my eyebrows have gotten.
  • Have been to 73 morning teas.
  • Have yet to find a sweet that contains the amount of sugar I require after 30 years of American confectionary.  I end up just pouring the sugar meant for tea on whatever I’m eating.
  • After a vote we got upgraded from “provisional” members to “real” members of the yacht club.  Little do they know the extent of my motion sickness.
  • Read a bunch more books that were mostly YA series so I feel a bit bashful claiming them as real books on goodreads.  Luckily there is a support group for that.
  • Found that I love audiobooks – especially when it comes to ironing and housework and running and just sitting.
  • Made our Christmas cards.
  • Joined Pinterest and have wasted no less than 127 hours “pining” DIY projects, style boards, and dream homes that I can only suspect will never come to fruition.
  • Found a few new blog stalking opportunities.
  • Started drawing the East shades in the morning so the sunshine stops showing me every speck of dust in my kitchen.
  • Made friends see a subtitled movie – and vowed to let them select the next film.
For your sake I’m hoping a few exciting things come my way or else you can fret that my next entry may actually include a diagram of the incompetence that was used in designing my kitchen sink with an encore of my utter disbelief in lack of garbage disposals in Australia.

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