Running Man*

*Disclaimer – this entry is not about the running man dance move (as much as I’d like it to be).  If that were the case I wouldn’t have much to write since most of my personal dance moves coincide better with me bursting into showtunes (actually it’d be more so bursting out of showtunes since I’m never really in tune anytime I sing …).

And we begin the blog entry …

Rob’s office has moved.  Which means he had to figure out a new route to work (obvious statement here).  The old office was a simple single bus stop and took approximately two minutes to get to work; the new bus route took about three days.  He (we) decided on a new option that would not only be faster but would also deem us as slightly odd complete weirdos.  It’s quite an easy plan – in the morning we run to the office, he gets ready at work (don’t worry, they have showers) and then he runs home at the end of the day.  It’s only about two miles away so it’s a pleasant stroll.  The only problem is that this means the era of sleeping in ends for me…

Since most reader(s) (I’m quite liberal in implying a plural “readers” – when I’m pretty sure that my mother is the only one who access this link) won’t be joining us for the daily run – I thought I’d bring it to you … and here we go …

The entire run to the office we are greeted with beautious Australia flora (as well as what the British replanted here because they didn’t like what already existed or they wanted to see if the flora that was typically used to 11 months of UK overcast would flourish in a sunny environment).  One of these days I’ll learn what the trees and flowers are actually named.

We go over a few bridges en route – I like to think they make us stronger … but really they just help us not get hit by cars.

Right before we get to the office we have one of two options – 1) is going up a hill at 33% incline and 2) is going up Jacob’s ladder (242 steps) – both are as pleasant as they sound.  Although it’s not too bad – once your heart rate gets back to normal.

 We then hobble the rest of the way so the hubster can make it into work before the other guy that has to use the showers shows up.  That’s when I put on one of my many NPR podcasts or audiobooks and run home (although at times I take a few strides through King’s Park for the views).

Book Review: Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.  Although I’m usually skeptical when people say they LOL – but I literally did with this one. I loved the pangs of growing up in the Midwest (including the perceived 11 month long winters), recollections of the era of the 50s, and anecdotes of parents who just don’t understand the child’s plights. Love love loved this book!


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