(Tote) Bag Ladies

Vacation has been in full gear for the past 10 days so it was time to slow it down a bit (well that’s what a rainy day in Perth told us).  As I was scouring the web-o-sphere (read: blog stalking people that are more creative than me) I came across this wonderful Spring Tote – although since it is currently Winter in Perth I’m going to call it a winter tote – (found on “Arolyn’s” “ister-in-law’s” site).  Now I’m sure that I have not used the proper blog etiquette in correctly providing credit – however I can guarantee that I didn’t make the tote correctly either …

On to the bags.  Funny story.  I ordered a sewing machine approximately 8 weeks ago after attending this here craft expo and getting the crafting bug.  Good thing I wasn’t in a hurry since it still is not here yet – though after weekly phone calls to the store they’ve confirmed that they “think it may have arrived in Sydney finally”.  Thankfully I was able to borrow a machine for the project – which saved us from either a lot of hand stitching or just trying to wish the fabric would bind together.  Next “Ailey” and I picked out some on sale fantabulous fabrics to make these suckers.  And then started assembling.  After a lot of cutting, pinning, re-cutting, sewing, un-sewing, and sewing some more we have beautious Southern hemisphere winter totes.

Fabric for "Ailey's" Tote

Fabrics for my tote

Working away

"Ailey's" Fab Tote

My tote

Look! Pockets!


3 thoughts on “(Tote) Bag Ladies

  1. Thanks! They were really fun to make.
    Sandra – just click on the “Spring Tote” hyper link and it will take you to the homemadebyjill blog and tutorial that I followed.

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