100 Days

We’ve hit the 100 day mark.  Just as the President does with his term I feel that we too should reflect on our first 100 days and the respective accomplishments – both great and small, rivetting and banal.  I’m sure it’s only appropriate we are kicking off today’s “100 Day Celebration” in the hospital as Rob is recovering from a wonderful bout with kidney stones (which I’m sure all you Friends lovers are now saying “kidney stooones” the way the Dr. did when Joey had them … but I digress) … and here is the countdown of the fun we’ve had

  • Day 1 – I got my driver’s license. A little too easily I admit
  • Day 8 – I acquired mobile phone service (bet you thought that would’ve happened earlier ‘eh?)
  • Day 16 – We got a miniature version of a car!
  • Day 21 – Celebrated my BFF Kristin’s birthday by writing on her facebook wall
  • Days 23 – 27 – Revelled in the Australian 5 day Easter vacation
  • Day 24 – First rugby game
  • Day 29 – First footy game
  • Every day – continue to avoid cricket
  • Day 31 – Went to penguin island
  • Day 34 – Obtained a library card – thus saving eleventy billion dollars on books and a few trees in the process
  • Day 35 – Started volunteering at the Family History Center
  • Day 36 – Realised Perth is not the place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo
  • Day 47 – Internet! In our apartment! No longer had to go to McDonalds!
  • Day 53 – Our first meal of kangaroo … yummmm
  • Day 59 – Rode bikes around Rottnest island
  • Day 60 – Made the most awful Sunday dinner of my life – include horridly bad dessert
  • Day 66 – Began volunteer training at the zoo
  • Day 68 – First WA road trip (including the longest wooden structure in the Southern Hemisphere – although I’m not sure how many structures are competing for that status)
  • Day 75 – Learned a new craft – felting
  • Day 81 – Realised that although it was Father’s day back in the States it is not celebrated until September here
  • Day 87 – My first eyebrow threading
  • Day 94 – Rob learned to sail and got his Skipper and Crew certification. And we joined a yacht club – yeah … we’re “those” people
  • Day 99 – Rob had kidney stone surgery
Book Review: It was only appropriate to have just completed the jolly-good read Down Under for this post.  It gave such entertainment and educational insight into the land in which I know live.  I mean, come on, how does one not love a book with excerpts like “Phillip and his crew had just sailed 15,000 thousand miles to make a prison for people who had stolen lace and ribbons, some cucumber plant and a book on Tobago” … and “I am certain that if the rest of the world vanished overnight and the development of cricket was left in Australian hands, within a generation the players would be wearing shorts and using the bats to hit each other”.  What a highly recommended gem this is.

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