It’s What’s for Brinner!

Tru' dat!

Just like every other person out there who has a blog – I like to cook.  This, however, seems to never occur in the morning.  It also so happens that the morning is traditionally the time in which most people have breakfast.  It’s not that I’m opposed to making breakfast.  It’s not that I’m opposed to getting up early – in fact I get up at the same time as Rob every morning (albeit I usually just throw on my trainers and ipod and head out for a run).  It’s just that I’m opposed to arising BEFORE anyone else in the house with enough time to create a labor intensive meal.  After a bit of grumbling on my part Rob also claims to prefer breakfast cereal to start his day anyways … But never fear, this does not mean breakfast is not had in the Osborn abode – au contraire – we just have it for dinner … or the wonderous “brinner”.  Every Friday night we sit down to pancakes, eggs, stuffed french toast, and the occasional dry toast (rarely with vegemite) and feast but with leftovers that we can easily use the next morning.

Book Review: The Paris Wife had me enthralled with the love and betrayal of Ernest Hemingway told by the view of his first wife Hadley.


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