When Eyebrows Attack

Warning: Yes, you are reading this correctly – this entry is about my eyebrow(s).

People oft inquire if I am artistic.  I can only attribute this to one thing – my resemblance to Frieda Kahlo.

What a mighty fine brow

When I don’t get around to taking care of myself the way I should I end up with the most fantastic unibrow.  It’s one that makes hairstylist sigh and the wax shirk away in utter disbelief.  As we all know I have been sans stylist and subsequently comestically paralysed.  So much that my loving husband commended me on my fashion-fowardness as he emailed me an article on “bushy eyebrows coming back in style”.  Finally the other day as we were walking through the mall Rob so kindly pointed out the eyebrow threading kiosk.  It sounds just like you’re thinking – basically someone “shapes” (read: pulls out) the overgrown portions of the brow with pieces of string.

No, that's not me, I'm not an eyebrow model

It’s like waxing, except it’s missing the part where they pour hot wax on your face and rip it off.  So I guess it’s nothing like waxing and gives you the same wonderful look.  Rob so kindly now pushed me towards the kiosk and I finally had my eyebrows “fixed” and a much happier person because of it.

And there – you survived a blog entry about my eyebrows.

Book Review: When God Was a Rabbit coming of age book which reminded me of a cross between Running With Scissors and Glass Castle however instead of a ridiculously dysfunctional family this one was loving and supportive.


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