#Lemon Tree Very Pretty#

Two things I absolutely love:

  1. People whose gardens actually yield a harvest (unlike the quick demise of my topsy turvy)
  2. The Kingston Trio
Do you know what’s even better?  The collision of the aforementioned.
I have been oh-so fortunate to have friends who have green thumbs and cannot quite possibly work through their entire lot of lemons their tree has produced. (I’ll admit that there are many a lemon tree here who do not need to be tended to – nevertheless there are lemons that need good homes).  These weekly bags of lemons have made me be creative in what to do with them (besides making table centrepieces).  Luckily for Rob it has also let me belt out my favourite Kingston Trio song notably titled Lemon Tree  while working on these concoctions.
So what has been made so far?  Lemon pound cake, lemon sugar cookies (by Rob!) and a Shaker lemon pie.  This week I will be searching out additional ideas besides a lot of freshly squeezed lemonade.
Book Review(s): Lot’s of books to update about …
  1. Dead Reckoning is book #11 of the Sookie Stackhouse series (or to those who prefer to get their books by watching TV it’s what True Blood is based on).  Once again Sookie finds herself amidst vampire/ were/ fairy “issues” that is atypical to a Louisiana day.  Provides the same drama and love triangles that keeps me reading 11 books later.
  2. Mini-Shopaholic is book #6 in the Shopaholic series by Sophia Kinsella.  The misguided-good-intentioned adventures of Becky Bloomwood made me cringe and chuckle as always.
  3. I was weary of the historical-fiction religious novel Faith but was impressed with the thought provoking suspense.  Good book club read and subsequent discussion.

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