Rottnest Island … The Musical!

Just like any TV show that’s worth it’s weight in awesomeness has done, I have decided this entry should be written as a musical.  So make sure, you the faithful reader, to participate or else my youtube searching and linking will have been done in vain … thank you …

Due to Rob’s upcoming sailing education and my zoo docent training we realised our next 10 (yup read ’em ten) weekends are busy – so we quickly seized the day and booked a Saturday trip to Rottnest Island.  

Rottnest is a fun little island just 19 kilometres off the coast of Fremantle. The best way to get around is by bicycle since you can’t hire cars.

Upon our arrival we quickly hopped on our bicycles and set out to explore the 24 kilometres of road (and flora and fauna and water and stuff).   We hedged our bets that the majority of the visitors that day were not fit enough to cycle the complete distance of the island so we headed out towards the end of the island right away making a few stops along the way.  The water was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t help but think to myself “hmmm, this isn’t even polluted … yet”.

Part way through we came across a lighthouse which is always a fabulous sight to evoke emotional ballads from 1977 Disney musicals.  
Although that song was much more appropriate for the setting I was really hoping I could use this one in the blog – so here you go   .

Being one of the lesser known musicals people did not join in my one woman sing-along (Rob sat this one out).  Even though there was no excitement for the song we still took the tour – which was basically climbing all of the stairs up 19 meters to the light in the house for a 360 degree view of the island.  It was cool and stuff.  We made the tour guide take our picture – and she thankfully managed to not get the actual view in it … so basically it’s just a head shot of Rob and I. 

After stopping and taking in more of the scenery I realised that one of the best musicals EVER also included singing and bicycles and SURELY Rob would agree to singing along to this one.  So I began, just as Maria did with the Von Trappe children and “start at the very beginning” as it’s a “very nice place to start” … and thus began  … however in my case (once again) it stayed as a solo.

The riding around all day made us quite hungry we had a fancy meal of Subway and looked at the pretty quokkas.  (Quokka – pronounced “ku-walk-ah” – are basically little marsupials that look like giant rats).  Once we were exhausted it was to hop on the boat and headed home … 

Ok, so I wanted the Cartman/ South Park version but this is a family friendly blog and Mr. Cartman has a potty mouth.

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