Pavlova’s Hog

The Pavlova

Pavlova is a meringue dessert that is really really good.  It’s also Australian … or it’s from New Zealand … actually it is the subject of discourse between the two nations on who can claim it’s initial creation (which you can read about here).

Wait up – I have two thoughts on this

  1. It reminds me of a debate (which is here) in the U.S. regarding the most perfect sammie in the world (the Reuben) which is actually from Nebraska (call out to my home state – woot, woot!).
  2. Seriously? Out of all the items to countries could have strife about it’s a meringue and berry dessert? Really?
I decided that when in Rome, I should tackle the making of the pavlova for a dinner guest.  Oh yeah, and to make up for the fact that last week I tried to make home made bread to then use in blueberry stuffed french toast.  Let’s just say that the bread didn’t turn into anything that resembled bread or anything leaven for that matter.  Luckily the bakery is more competent in their break baking skills and was willing to sell me a loaf so I could complete dinner.
Shockingly I was able to make it with complete success and with the assistance of “our” appetite we finished the entire thing … I like to blame it that they recommend eating it immediately and at one sitting … really, they do … i swear …

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