This is For My Mother

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We all know that I’m 87 years old (as explained here and here ) so my attendance of the Perth Quilt and Craft Expo isn’t too much of a surprise.  It’s a pretty standard expo with tons of quilts, patterns, fabrics, beads, and weird women wearing applique vests (present company excluded) fawning all over it.  Please view the above slideshow to see some of the creativity and ability to make quilts that I will never possess but will blog about.  I took the pictures so my mom could see the pretty quilts since she wouldn’t fly over here for the expo. *pfft*

Here is my random side note on why I don’t like talking to strangers. I stopped to have a Diet Coke and rest my feet.  Unfortunately another lady decided to sit at the same table and gave us the following thoughts on the craft fair …This event was not a premiere event for those who are akin to knitting as there were only a few booths – and with hefty prices of $25/ thing of yarn it would be very costly to knit the patterns that were for sale.  She also mentioned that she is flying to Hawaii soon and wishes she could knit on the plane but she knows that you can’t take knitting needles because she worked at the airport 5 years ago <this was not the end of her conversation but I don’t want to inflict the same pain on you as I experienced> … I tried to gnaw my arm off and throw it at her which would’ve been a good idea since enough people there probably could’ve sewed it back on with some embellishments but instead I deployed a tactic honed by my precious husband. This tactic is known as the “stop responding and walk away”.


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