The Price is Right! … or is it?

Hi, we cost 7 thousand dollars

I am really cheap.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to buy stuff – I just don’t like to spend more money than I deem necessary on said stuff.  I blame it partially on a past life of mine where my focus was competitive pricing analysis (blah – blah – blah).  It has made me über aware of costs and margins and well, has made be cheap self that I am.

This brings me to my most recent paralysing quandary – grocery shopping *dum-dum-dum*

All groceries are ridiculously expensive here and frankly, after paying considerably less for the same stuff back home it throws me into shock.  The same scenario happens every week *cue scenario*

  1. Prepare meal plan for upcoming week
  2. Create grocery list for aforementioned meal plan
  3. White knuckle through my drive to the store to make sure I don’t revert to American driving lanes
  4. Start filling cart with listed groceries
  5. See prices like $5/ dozen eggs; $3.50/ 2 L of Diet Coke;  $2.50/ 8 oz Sour Cream; $4/ Cream Cheese and start to put groceries back on the shelf
  6. Realise with the remaining groceries I can’t actually make a meal and still end up spending $50
With a little bit of therapy and self affirmations (that has nothing to do with the groceries, just more for a good self esteem) I am able to return to the store so I can make dinner for “Ob” who is working hard and deserves a meal that isn’t a rice cake topped with strawberry jam and a swig of generic sprite.  I figure one of these days I’ll come to terms with these costs and will be back to my old self of being able to not only complete my entire grocery list or heck – throw something unplanned in the basket too! (read cheetos and Peanut M&MS and random baking items and a magazine for good measure)
Book Review: Although I traditionally feel that Jodi Picoult writes her books based on a pre-fabricated list of book club questions I actually found Plain Truth to be a good read.  It dealt with the alleged murder of a newborn baby to a teen in the Amish community.  Thought provoking and eye opening.

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