Freo … and other inexplicably shortened words

Freo – it’s short for Fremantle.  Here in Australia they have shortened pretty much every word … please see below for examples:

  • telly – television
  • footy – Australian Rules Football
  • barbi – barbecue
  • brekky – breakfast
  • Tassie – Tasmania
  • jelly – jelly

I’m actually a bit surprised that they haven’t started calling me Becky – instead it’s pretty much just Bec.

This weekend we went to Freo to the prison.  I would give you  a history lesson about the Fremantle prison however I would be taking away the purpose and glory from Wikipedia – so if you want a comprehensive and questionable history, click HERE.  Here is the Cliff’s Notes version: it’s a prison built in WA in the 1860s by the convicts.  It served as a maximum security prison (with no in-room plumbing mind you) until it’s closure in 1991.

Now the tour we went on took us through underground tunnels (now that I think about it I can’t really think of any above ground tunnels) that were dug by the convicts to serve as the prison’s and the surrounding communities water supply.  It was a bit freaky, and cramped, and damp, and dark – oh yeah, and we had to climb down 20 meters on a vertical ladder.  They put us in attractive gear (pictures below) and had us take a breathalyzer prior to the tour.  Luckily we were a shoe in – and apparently so were the only other two people on the tour – who I’m pretty sure were related to Rick Moranis with their coke bottle glasses, inhalers and inability to navigate their boats forward.  More about the boats – the width of the tunnels were seriously my wing span and they somehow managed to lodge their boat sideways.  In the end it was a cool tour and made me glad I wasn’t a convict in the 1800’s having to build either a prison or dig water tunnels.  It pretty much would’ve sucked.

Book Review: The Lollipop Shoes.  I didn’t like the first 100 pages, then I realised they were witches and it was the sequel to Chocolat and then it made more sense to me and I stopped hating it as much.

We're not afraid of no ghosts!


One thought on “Freo … and other inexplicably shortened words

  1. Looks like you’re embracing it there! So proud of you and hope you are loving every moment. Knowing you, you’d make the best of everything wherever you lived. Cheers!

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