I’ve Converted

Fine, I’ve done it – it’s official – I’ve converted to the Imperial System.  I think part of my hesitation to do so had to do with the misconception that it had to do with Star Wars – another thing I also don’t understand.

Here’s why … with most things in my life it had to do with running.

Rob and I ran our first Aussie 10k this weekend.  For the first time I attended a race and wasn’t surrounded with a bunch of people trying to figure out how many miles were in a 10k/ 5k.  There also weren’t mile markers – which is just confusing to mark a 10k race for a distance of 6.2 miles – it ends at a nice and even 10 – no extras.  This proves to be fantastic for people who are slightly OCD.

Another benefit was that it looks like you’re running faster! (yes, I realise that the km is a shorter distance – but I am a fan of falsely inflating my self confidence.  It is also why I have thoroughly enjoyed weighing myself in Kilos.  At 2.2 kilos per pound I “appear” to weigh less – and I can’t figure out the lb conversion due to my missing head calculator so it makes me a happy person!) Don’t question my theories – they work just fine.

Although I had some slight hesitation I looked around and figured to heck with it, when in Rome, and switched my Garmin from Miles to Kilometers.

Book Review: “The Postmistress”.  There were a lot of good reviews in the book cover and the back of the book.  It was a decent read I guess.


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