I gotta dollar … I gotta dollar… I gotta dollar … hey, hey, hey, hey!


I love the delight of small surprises. 

Example – when stores ask if my purchase is a gift and subsequently offer free gift wrapping I immediately say yes.  I get as equally excited as any true gift recipient when I get to open the ‘gift’ when I get home.  Another thing I do to perpetuate these surprises is hiding bits of cash.  I put it in places that I may immediately forget about and then come across later – such as dresser drawers, coat pockets, and various handbags.  It makes it so when I put on my spring jacket after a long, cold winter I can smile over the $3 that I found and am able to treat myself to an afternoon diet coke and popcorn.  Sometimes I also find things that I didn’t mean to hide (like my work badge or drivers license or car keys) and sometimes I find a larger amount of money than I intended (cross reference facebook status update regarding finding $80 in my coat).  But it still makes me jubilant over realizing I have more than I thought at that moment.  


My husband hates this.

Book Review:  The Same Kind of Different as Me.  Touching true story of an unlikely friendship and the true depth of impact one person can make  – also solidified my new position as “reader who cries even when reading in public places”.


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