How T-Shirt Becomes a Quilt

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Pre-move is a fantastic time to play “Hoarders” and donate a bunch of stuff to charity give ex-stuff to friends or throw it out.  One thing I’ve accumulated over the years (although it’s not many years given that I’m only 21)  are race tee-shirts.  A benefit of signing up for races is a committment to physical fitness that with the $30 – $110 fee they give you a FREE oversized heavy cotton tee shirt with a fantastic race logo and a barrage of sponsors plastered on the back.  Over time these have accumulated to a monumental stack of shirts that I never wear given the amount of money I’ve blown invested on technical running gear.  Since we are trying to reduce the amount of stuff we have I decided I (my mom and I) should make a quilt out of my old shirts.

She is a fantastic quilter.  Really, she is, it isn’t just something I tell myself to rationalize why my childhood bedroom no longer has a single memory of me living in it and instead resembles a fabric store.  And if you read this post <yup, this post here> you’ll remember that she was the driving force behind large quantities of jalepeno jelly.  She provided all of the direction and we started working.  (For the record, my sister’s account of this project may tend to minimize my role in the quilt creation and that the burden was shouldered by my mother.  This in fact is incorrect and she’s a giant liar-liar pants on fire).  We began cutting/ ironing shirts and watched Secretariat well into the night … (well, my mom kept working, I went to bed because I was sleepy)

The next day included selecting fabrics, organizing the squares into an agreeable pattern (think “color sodoku”), and pieced it all together.  I provided moral support and watched HGTV while my mom took the sewing lead … My mom continued to work on the quilt on Sunday after church while I assisted my sister with making dinner (once again she may have a different account of my actual level of assistance – but the important thing is that dinner was made).  After many, many hours I now have a fantastic new quilt to take on to Perth with us instead of a giant rubbermaid bin of old tee shirts sitting in storage.

Book Review: The Weird Sisters.  Delightfully wonderful, fantastically written.  Even better if you have a sister or are a fellow bibliophile.


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