Ode To My Hairstylist

I am very good at making large decisions quickly – things like applying for/ accepting a job or flying out of the country with 36 hours notice. It’s the small decisions that paralyze me worse than being confronted with a math problem.  Case and point – when Back to the Future was being shown at the theater for it’s 25th anniversary it took me no less than 12 emails and texts to “Ob” in deciding which seats to reserve – either seats 1 & 2 in row 3 or seats 3 & 4 in row 2.  I was literally trying to analyze optimum viewing angles for each seating option for $7 tickets to a movie we’ve seen eleventy billion times.

In case you were wondering how this fits into my hair and who styles it … here it is …

As we are preparing for this Perth move “Ob” has an increasingly growing binder including but not limited to legal documents and contracts and worksheets to relocate, pay taxes, obtain visas, air and ground shipments, selling of the house, selling of our stuff, int’l banking and much much more.  He sends me daily status updates on where we are with our 10 week checklist (which has been crammed into 5 weeks) and I quickly and gladly complete my tasks.   With all of this hanging over our heads I’m freaking out about one thing …

How the heck am I going to get my hair done!?!?!?

I’m sure that they have hair stylists in Australia – but seriously, no one can replace my wonderful Alyssa (I’m not going to hide her identity in this blog in case you would like to go to her because she is fantastic).  When I moved to Kansas City eight years ago I was sans stylist.  I needed a hair cut so badly and wandered around until I walked into a random salon and fell into her chair.  Poor Alyssa got the bad end of the deal as nine months earlier my hair had been dyed black after loosing a bet – then as it had been growing out I tried home highlights which just turned my roots orange leaving the rest still black and then I gave up and my regular color began to appear.  I looked slightly like rainbow bright …

Since then I have followed her loyally and she became a running partner too – joining in all the painful Saturday long runs, many marathons and halves to boot.

Whereas “Ob” “appreciates” my loyalty to ms Alyssa he’s beginning to catch onto my return to the states travel plans that appear to slightly be revolved around hair appointments …

Book update – didn’t finish Unbroken yet because I was busy getting married.  Will catch up soon.


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