I may as well start my list now

I think Perth is going to be a blast – but I figured I’d start a list of things that I think I’m going to miss just to sound whiney and downplay my excitement for all those who may miss me …

  • Runza
  • College football Saturdays (they’ll be Sunday morning’s there)
  • Kansas City BBQ (oh how i’ll miss thee Oklahoma Joe’s)
  • Frigid cold winter
  • Working
  • Book club discussions – and hijacking of book club discussion by yours truly
  • Bagel Bin
  • Southwest ding fares – not that I actually use them but I like the option of flying to Detroit in January for $59 each way
  • Miles, Pounds, and all things American measuring (I wonder if my friend Miles thought at first this was about him …)
  • Pandora
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • My running friends – there’s a lot of bonding while running 20 miles at 6 AM on a Saturday mornings when it’s a 110 heat index
  • Testing my new cupcake concoctions on my co-workers on a weekly basis
  • Affordable clothing
  • Giant bin of cheeseballs from Target
  • Timely movie releases

Book Review: “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. High recommeded.  If you are a parent or have ever had a parent you will be strongly opinionated about this book.


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