What a great week … in opposite land …

Stupid week.  Stupid week.  Stupid week.  Or unless you were watching my week from afar with a tub of popcorn you may have found this to be an enjoyable adventure.

Being consistent with my love of bullet points, here is a breakdown of my recent hoarding of stupidity …

  • Attempt to plan a wedding in six weeks … with my fiance leaving the country for the last three weeks of the planning.  (Don’t feel bad for him, he gets to head to Australia where it’s summer and they bumped him up to first class)
  • Concurrently redecorating the entire house with an end date of before the wedding.  This is including, but not limited to: repainting the entire main and second floors, removing wallpaper from four rooms, retiling the front entry, three bathrooms, fireplace and kitchen backsplash.
  • Spent entire day off (10 hours) painting the front entry (20 foot ceiling) myself because I was not happy with the painters’ bids ($500).
  • Decided to get monogrammed items for me and my fiance and realizing that our monogram actually spells out his name.  For everyone reading this who knows how pleasantly self centric I am, yes, I realize this is funny and a bit ironic.
  • While trying to remove wall paper from bathroom found out there were multiple layers involved … we’ll just chalk this up to one more thing I hate from the 80’s that are haunting me still today. (Like how I still remember every word to Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth).
  • Finally thought I got better from all the 2010 sickness and then got a 24 hour flu bug. (Now that I think about it, they should’ve done a season of 24 about a 24 hour flu bug … )
  • Was trying to walk down the marble stairs at the gym and fell down them.  Giving me a bruise so large and obvious that people keep slipping me “safe house” cards.
  • Oh yeah, due to my inability to find the correct tools to remove above mentioned wall paper I have been forced to use my Pampered Chef mini spatula/ brownie cutter.

The only saving grace is that the featherbed I ordered from Overstock arrived today … which I will use despite the fact that all of the bedding I ordered from Pottery Barn is on backorder …

2011 Resolution: Book #2 Cutting for Stone.  ‘eh, it was okay I guess.


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