Oh So Engaging

Because this blog was never a “dating blog” it will now not become a “wedding planning blog” … howevs I will write about my recent … wait for it, wait for it … ENGAGEMENT!!!  YAY!! Here I will attempt the difficult task of writing of the engagement without using my traditional humor as to not lessen the specialness of the night … maybe.

First off (and this is important to the end of this story – trust me) below are some excerpts from what I would call “usual” phone conversations with my sister:

“Oh, Oh, ‘Ndrea’ I need to let you go, a new episode of Hoarders is on!”

“OHMYGOSH!!! Hoarders is in <any random city>  tonight – I bet there going to be at <various people we know who are messy and live there> house!!!!”

“Um, can I let you go, pizza just got done”

“Did you realize that according to Hoarders people can live in inches of <rat, cat, mouse> feces AND THEY LET THEM!!”

Onto engagement night … “Ob” planned a fantastical night which included various components of previous dates we have been on (together – not with other people – that’d be weird).  We had a town car take us around (partially because he’s in a boot and last time I drove his car I “might’ve” hit the curb while parking) and got wonderfully full of sushi that could’ve also served a small army.  After that I was surprised with a trip to the downtown airport to take a small plane over the Plaza to look at the Christmas Lights.  I’ll just say that “Ob” was gambling big on that one given how a) full we were and b) how ridiculously motion sick I get.  Luckily his bet paid off and I didn’t spew and the lights looked fantastic.  After that we made a pit-stop to my apartment where he proposed (as described below):

“Ob” gets down on one knee and starts to say “Becca will …” I suddenly get distracted by something shiny (in typical becca fashion) and grab the ring and put it on my finger (and take some to admire).

“Um, did you say yes???”

“Yeah, that was implied by me grabbing the ring and putting it on”

We finished the night with a movie and dessert at the place of our first date.  In all honesty and not mocking – it was a really great night.

It was then time for me to tell every person I had known in my entire life, however I decided to tell my family first – via text message since that’s the best way to announce something so important.  My sister wanted to know how he proposed so I told her.

“”Ndrea” it was so sweet – he set up a night where we did a TON of stuff that we’ve done on our other dates!”

“Oh, so he did it while you were eating pizza and watching Hoarders???”


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