M-I-C (seriously, why are there so many kids surrounding me on this flight) K-E-Y (why, why don’t these parents invest in Benadryl) M-O-U-S-E … to every person on my Southwest flight back to KC from Orlando, I HATE YOUR CHILDREN.  While I’m at it I have  a few other comments for my fellow passengers:

  • To the couple four rows back, when the flight attendant says they need everyone in their seats before take off they are talking about your child who is running down the aisle
  • To the large man next to me, why would you select the aisle seat when your plan was to sleep snore the entire time
  • To the other man next to me, well, you’re reading this blog so I’ll refrain from what I was about to say … but that was the GPS that kept giving you directions so I’m not sure why you kept getting mad at me …
  • To the lady sitting across the aisle, I’m pretty sure that fancy iPad (please ignore I’m typing this on a macbook …) that you’re playing casino games on has a mute option
  • To the flight attendant, whereas I think you’re SW quips are funny please give me the entire can of diet coke – it is a 3 hour flight

All-in-all the trip to Orlando was pretty fun, it was my first opportunity to purchase winter wear in Florida (thanks to the stocking cap and fleece reserve at the club house).  I would normally be appalled that my golf score rivaled my best ever bowling score but the wind chill had a way of giving me negative yardage on the course.

I didn’t think it would happen but after seven weekends on the road I have a weekend home.  I am excited to spend it like a normal Midwesterner – with a trip to target & Macy’s and a festive ugly christmas sweater party.


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