at the carwash … yeah

Sorry folks, it’s been a while.  Since i’ve been sick i haven’t been writing much because it’s boring (see how boring that sentence was).  I survived the trip to College Station (although the Huskers didn’t) and got the bestest thanksgiving gift ever – a new nook color.  Oh yeah, I started a new tradition of Thanksgiving gifts.  My theory is that if you have a really craptacular year and then receive a gift the week of turkey week then you at least have one thing to be thankful for.  It also works nicely on a year that has been wonderful (minus the whole mono and hitting my garage a bunch of times thing) and if the gift giver is the best gift giver ever.  I would have to say “Ob” benefitted from this new tradition as well – he received a pestal and mortar – which will be great when if he decides to become an apothecary.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for – the real story … *drum roll* …

“Ob” and I were driving through town the other day and we passed a place that made me giggle.  Wait, that’s a lie, i don’t so much giggle, it’s more of a horridly uncontrollable laugh … let’s just say there was the type of laughing that can only be brought up from funny memory you totally forgot about.  We had driven by a gas station car wash and I began to recall it as though it was yesterday (if yesterday was a beautiful Spring day in which everyone was getting their cars washed and not a freezing November crappy day).

I had filled up my tank and decided to pretty-up my highlander.  The cheap self that I always am went with the least expensive no frills wash (which is usually as effective as driving through a neighborhood water fight but the kids don’t even have super soakers they have the crappy $0.99 guns from Walgreens).  There wasn’t a line at the wash and I was able to get right in.  After my car was slightly cleaner than before I saw the green light go on for me to exit.  As I started to drive forward I noticed that the dryer wasn’t coming on.  Here’s how the rest went.

Hmmmm, I’m pretty sure I want my car to be dry – maybe the sensor just didn’t pick up my movement.

I know, I’ll back up the car and then go forward again.  It never works at lights, but maybe it’ll work at the ghetto car wash.

Nope, no dryers, maybe if I go back and forth again …

WHOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ker-PLUNK.  wow … the car wash garage door just slammed down.  A few feable attempts render me helpless in lifting garage door off my newly dented hood and keeping my car stuck.  There’s no way I can crawl through the tiny space left.

Not a problem, I’ll just go back through the wash … except the car behind me has already started to go into the wash and it appears there is now a very long line.

Only option is to run through the obstacle course that can only be described as “why did the jerk-face behind me have to get he super duper car wash (including hot wax) that I am now having to run through because i somehow got my car stuck in the exit”

After freeing myself from the guantlet I spoke with the part time gas station attendant who had no authority whatsoever about recitifying the situation.  I was appalled about the misfunction and the impacts to my vehicle … that is until he kindly pointed out that the cheapy wash I chose doesn’t include the drying …


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