Not So Huggy Bear

i’m generally not a hug type of person.  i’m relatively personable, usually nice, have a cheery disposition.  not so much of a hugger.  most people can pick that up about me.

in a past employed life there was one person who always gave me a giant bear hug.  oddly, he never gave anyone else a hug, always a handshake.  every time i saw him i also saw my friends snicker as he would go in for the giant hug.

i have one friend that i hug, her name is “ngie”.  she knows that it pains me to do so, but she makes me do it and i smile … and cringe.

here is what this leads up to. i currently work with an individual on a fairly regular basis.  i was a bit taken back when he gave me a hug when i went for the handshake the first time he came into town.  since then we have had over a years worth of awkward me go in for handshake and him go straight for hug dance and he always wins.  today was a bit different, i decided to just go straight for the hug and get it over with.  this would’ve been great if he hadn’t FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER go straight for the handshake.  so once again we do the awkward hug/ handshake tango …

i sat down, feeling defeated.  i hate hugging, i even made an honorable attempt, and it backfired.  we finished up the meeting and i walked him to the elevator to say adieu and went for the handshake … and there it was, he went straight for the hug again … i give up.


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