my blog: grateful edition

tis the season of thanks and gratitude.  unlike many on facebook who are voicing their thanks daily for the month i decided to instead dedicate a blog entry to said subject. frankly it’s hard for me to focus during November because it’s the month in which the golden arches brings back the McRib and i think it’s the most disgusting creation on the planet so a lot of my energy goes to hating it.  i guess i could post each day on how i hate the mcrib …

things i am thankfully grateful for:

  • friends. friends that put up with me.  let’s face it – i can be a little much with they way i dress in them in 80’s attire to go roller skating and force them to run marathons … the best part of all  – THEY DO IT!!!
  • family that taught me that i can do anything.  i don’t think this started out as a piece de independence in my life, but more so they felt bad for the little girl with the long brown hair and big brown eyes with a speech impediment.  and yes, i am now able to pronounce my “L’s” and “R’s”.  they have however, never given me a false sense of self-confidence. which is why you never saw me audition on American Idol.
  • running. i love that the best part of my week is 5:00 AM on a saturday getting ready to go run 20 miles with friends.  although i won’t ever sound this grateful about it actually at 5:00 on a saturday morning. i’ll be pretty whiney  – so i’ll sound like any other given time.
  • cooking/ baking blogs.  i am not creative – at all. i am good at flattery though (did i mention you look nice today?) – so i do the best that i can at copying as many of the great baking and cooking blogs out there.  although mine tend to “taste better than they look” or “look better than they taste” just never both.
  • shopping fun.  i am very grateful for stores that provide complimentary gift wrapping (ahem, crate & barrel and nordies).  don’t think for a second that i don’t have them wrap every single thing that i buy for myself.  and yes, i act surprised when i open up my new “gifts” when i get home.
  • Discovery Channel programming.  i know that my life is in a good place every day that a crew for Hoarders, Intervention, or Medical Mysteries does NOT show up at my door.  and bravo for getting me absolutely obsessed with Hoarders.  Sunday evening wouldn’t be the same without eating a roast and seeing how much mice feces it takes to declare a residence unsanitary to live in.
  • my siblings kiddos.  they believe everything i say. except for the oldest girl, she’s starting to catch on.
  • bulky sweaters. who can’t appreciate a good sweater to hide all the crap i eat during the holidays.  seriously, it’s as though i treat every year as the year i’m actually going to attempt hibernation.
  • Glee.  it makes me so happy … and thirsty for a slushee …
  • Modern Family.  it makes me so happy … and laugh so hard that it makes my face hurt …
  • Budget travel sites. i love last minute getaways to foreign countries almost as much as i love sending out slideshows to all of my friends of my last minute get-away to foreign countries.
  • oh yeah and shelter/ car/ food etc.

and if anyone is wondering … other things i want for christmas are world peace and an ereader of sorts


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