make a plan, stick with the plan – it’s that simple.

This past weekend I had the wonderful treat of being taken to New York City.  Now, if there are ways to guarantee my joviality a trip to NYC is one of them, the other is peanut M&Ms (although I hope “Obert” doesn’t read this and realize this  simplicity).

Since it t’was marathon weekend it was decided that we should participate in the inaugural New York Road Runners Central Park 5 miler.  There was some slight debate on how this race should go – do we run it together and enjoy the scenery of wonderful Central Park in the fall – or do we see what each other is made of and all out race it.  We decided to run it together.

We arrived on race morning and did the great job of looking the part.  Although we looked good I still had mono and “Obert” was in denial of injury which can only be described as “broken foot”.  We were in the black and blue dress codes of runners in the fall weather along with our race numbers and timing chips.  Not that we cared about the time, we were running it together.

We lined up with 6,000 of our new BFF’s (there are still a few facebook friend requests pending) to start the race.  The gun went off and we started our race … together.

It was a beautiful course, but we had a lot of people to weave in and out of.  We were passing mile 1 where we were able to look out over the park at the reservoir.  I took a moment to take in the scenery and looked back to “Obert” … who was no longer there.  Oh, but I could see him continuing to run faster and further away from me … I guess we weren’t running this … together.

Here’s how my inner monologue went the rest of the race (as I could continue to see him – significantly ahead of me)

huh, i guess “we’ve” had a change in plans … i wonder at what point he’ll realize that I’m no longer next to him … seriously, i know you’re pissed off right now but you’d best calm down before the end of race because you are not going to go all “becca” on him … wow, he really hasn’t noticed that i’m not next to him … ohmygosh he does know i’m not there and is just taunting me and winning!!! … does he not realize he still has the rest of this trip to spend with me???? seriously … hmmm, how come there aren’t any dead bodies? there always are in the park on law & order and it’s always runners who find them. maybe they removed them for the race … wait, how am i slower than him? can i blame it on the mono? frick, he has a broken foot – we’re even … seriously … SERIOUSLY!!! …

After 4 miles of calm self reflecting I came to the finish.  Surely he wasn’t going to leave me at the finish line … wait, nope, I had the metro passes, phone, and hotel keys … I crossed the finish line, got my medal and kept walking … and saw “Obert” with his medal, eating a banana.  He had a look of confusion as I crossed the line – he thought I had taken off ahead of him and apparently had spent the race painfully trying to catch up with me.  I wouldn’t have believed him if the banana he was trying to eat had actually been peeled first …

racing with our friends

obviously pre-race because he hasn't left me yet


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