Presenting “Mono meets Stubborn”

I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately as I realize I can’t call myself a blogger if I’m not actually writing a darn thing.  At this point I’ll employ the overused and generic statement of “ohmygosh life is just so crazy right now” because ohmygosh life is just so crazy right now.

Last time we corresponded (well, it’s not technically correspondance if you don’t write back, it’s just me talking – which probably reminds anyone who is reading this of any conversation they have ever had with me) I had recently finished the KC marathon, gone to San Fran and met Mike Rowe, and had a questionable trip to Utah which I sure was going to lead to my death.  The entire time all of this was going on I was stupid tired and kept going to the doctor. A doctor whom after telling me to start relaxing for once and  borderline accused me of having Munchausen syndrome (tangent: every time I write borderline I start singing the song from Madonna in my head) finally informed me that in deed I was sick.  Not only was I sick, but I had the teenage kissing disease – commonly known as mono *insert applause of brilliance*

Mono “like totally” sucks – but it completely made sense of my unshakeable fatigue and overall taciturn disposition.  The main thing they tell you to do is “ummyeah, just rest and stuff for the next 4-6 weeks”.  I tried, I really really tried to comply but those instructions came during the following onslaught of fun:

  • Holiday Mart.  Crowded marathon shopping for lots of  cra(p)fty stuff.  I now have a  lot of holiday decorations that I’ll forget to use and an overabundance of dip & soup mixes.
  • Halloween weekend.  Inclusive of an (awesome) impromptu trip to the World Series in which I had the scariest costume ever.   I was dressed as a Ranger’s fan who applauded for both former President’s Bush.  Luckily I didn’t have to get too much into character of cheering since the Ranger’s did nothing worthy of a neither a hoot nor a holler.
  • Fantastical trip to NYC in which a lot of pizza and hot dogs were consumed, I lent my voice to Broadway’s Wicked (whether they liked it or not), and I judged every bakery’s cupcakes against my creations (yes, mine were always better).

It’s really not too bad – I just keep going until I get exhausted and then I whine and then try to sleep.  So far it’s been effective at driving everyone around me slightly nutso and still leaving me tired.  The committment-aholic that I am has no rest in sight as the rest of the month is booked pretty solid:

  • Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon in San Antonio.  I am once again a pacer but for a 1/2 marathon.  It is also a girls road trip of fun & shenanigans (fun = me winning at cards, shenanigans = yeah, I’ll probably try to freeze someone’s bra – because I’m 12).
  • Nebraska vs. Texas A&M.  Yup, I’ll be returning to Texas for the 3rd time in one month.  This time to watch my Huskers win ‘dem some football.
  • Turkey Day weekend roadtrip.  Trying to see as much camo in action as possible and road tripping from Kansas City to Kirsville MO to somewhere in Arkansas to back to Kansas City.  If memory serves me correct I’ll be in Wal*mart A LOT.

I think for Christmas I’m going to ask for a full 24 hours to sleep …  and a new mac book air (shameless gift idea plug – you may see this as a theme for the next 7 weeks …).


3 thoughts on “Presenting “Mono meets Stubborn”

  1. GREAT!!!! THANKS!!! Now I’ve got that stupid borderline song in my head…I’m soooo greatful.

    Plus, I’ve written you back so now we’re “cooresponding”. 🙂

  2. PS – really, really, REALLY try to make sure you get some rest. Don’t fool around with that stuff. I’ve never had mono, but I had pneumonia and when your system goes does down…it REALLY goes down. Rest, relax, buy me something and it’ll make you feel better. 🙂

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